Princess’ Painting tours the world

July 22nd, 2011

Soi’s shortfilm “Princess’ Painting” will have quite a few screenings at worlwide festivals in the upcoming months.
Don’t miss it if you are planning on going to either one of these events:

* SICAF – July, 20th (Korea) section «TV-Film»
* Anima Mundi – July, 15th – 31st (Brasil)
* Nueva Mirada – September, 1st – 7th (Argentina), section «Sweet Dreams»
* Fantoche – September, 6th – 11th (Switzerland), section «Kinderfilme»
* KROK – September, 24th – October, 3rd (Ukraine)
* Ottawa – September, 21th – 25th (Canada), Television Animation for Children Category

Max and Lulu in London.

July 18th, 2011

How is Gruffalo codirector Max Lang doing these days? Here‘s a sweet little article with the answer. (In German.)