It’s a SOI weekend on TV and in Stuttgart

April 23rd, 2014


Trude lives together with a big obscure beast, which has the power of an elephant, the brashness of a child, but not a clue what’s good manners… ‘Trudes Tier’ (Trude’s Flatmate), directed by Klaus Morschheuser, Johannes Weiland and Michael Bohnenstingl and designed by Sandra Brandstätter and Sebastian Koch, is our latest tv-series project for the children’s tv show ‘Die Sendung mit der Maus’. The episodes will have their tv premiere on Das Erste / KIKA on 27th of April, 4th of May and 11th of May at 11:30 am. You can also have a first look on the series on our website’s work section.

If you attend this years ‘Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart’ (ITFS), you can have a look at some of our films as well:

Trolltag (The Troll Trap):
25.4. 10 am and 3 pm at Mercedes Benz Museum and 2:30 pm at Metropol 1
26.4. 3 pm at Mercedes-Benz-Museum, 2 pm at Gloria 2 and 8 pm at EM1
27.4. 3 pm at Mercedes Benz Museum

Trudes Tier (Trude’s Flatmate):
27.4. 2:30 pm at Metropol 1

Engel zu Fuß (Angel afoot):
26.4. 8 pm at EM1

26.4. 6 pm at EM1

The Trolls are coming back in spring

March 17th, 2014

Right after the first day of spring, the Trolls are coming into the open again. On 23th of March our last year’s Siebenstein short film ‘Trolltag’ (The Troll Trap) will be shown on ZDF KIKA at 10:35 am. Two weeks later, on 6th of April, ZDF KIKA shows ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ (Nearest and Dearest) at 10:35 am as well.

Chicago, Tehran, Tokyo

November 7th, 2013

At the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, our short film ‘Nearest and Dearest’ has been awarded with the 1st prize in the category ‘Children’s Jury Prize – Animated Television’ as well as the 2nd prize in the category ‘Adult Jury Prize – Animated Television Production’. ‘Princess’ Painting’ received the Diploma of Honor of the Rosh’d International Film Festival in Tehran. The picture above shows editor Annick Hillger (right) during the award ceremony of the Japan Prize for ‘Nearest and Dearest’.

‘Nearest and Dearest’ abroad

October 24th, 2013

Participating in the pre-school category our shortfilm ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ by Max Stöhr, Michael Sieber and Sandra Brandstätter was awarded at this year’s Japan Prize. Along with the ceremony the film will have its premiere on Japanese television as well – synchronised in Japanese! Domo arigato Nippon!

Nearest and Dearest at Fantoche

August 30th, 2013

Choosen by a jury consiting of members of the children’s film-club ‘Die Zauberlaterne’, our shortfilm ‘Nearest and Dearest’ (Schrecken ohne Ende) will attend this year’s Fantoche in Baden/Switzerland.
It will be shown within the screening block ‘I, you, we…’ on Wednesday, September 4th at Kino Orient as well as on Saturday, September 7th at Kino Trafo 4.  Both screenings start at 16.15.
Director Max Stöhr will be in Baden as well, so if you spot him, give him a hug.

Soi summer special

July 16th, 2013

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch our latest shortfilms yet, you can make good for that soon. Within the next days, KIKA will show ‘Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen’, ‘Das Bild der Prinzessin’ and ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ within the children’s series ‘Siebenstein’:

Thursday – 18/07, 9:10am – ‘Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen’

Friday – 19/07, 9:10am – ‘Das Bild der Prinzessin’

Monday – 22/07, 9:10am – ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’