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For the beginning of the New Year Trude is posting videos on healthy body posture. Her flatmate Tier makes sure these videos get spiced up a bit. Watch the new episode “Klickhit” on Das Erste and Kika this Sunday as part of the show “Sendung mit der Maus” or online, if you are in Germany.


mjnnnjpcpjlfnkld On Sunday, October 14th, another episode of Trude’s Flatemate is going to be screened on german broadcaster “Das Erste” at 9:10 am and on “KIKA” at 11:30 am. The episode is part of a “Sendung mit der Maus”-special about children with a mental disorder. Trude’s flatmate is running around the hospital, looking for a plaster for a very tiny scratch on his finger. He meets a little boy who tells him about his problem with an invisible illness.
Trude’s flatmate does not understand a word. But in the end, in his very unique way, Trudes flatmate is the reason why the boy is feeling a little bit better.

You can also watch the episode online:
For more information check this out:

Also Sunday October 14th: for those who missed Petzi on Kika, there is a chance to see the first 3 episodes again on german boradcaster “ZDF”: at 6:40




Two brandnew episodes of Trude’s Flatemate will premiere this weekend.
You’ll find out how to wash a furry giant like Trude’s flatmate. In the 2nd episode she is having a quarrel with him. Trude is left alone and her flatmate is suddenly gone…
On Saturday, October 13th on german television 8:20 AM on KIKA
After the premiere you can also watch the episodes online:



Having too much cake can have very surprising effects if you aren’t human. Too bad Trude’s father isn’t aware of this when he comes by to have proper teatime with way too many pastries. This Sunday at 1 p.m., German Broadcaster KIKA will premiere two new episodes of Trude’s Flatmate.