Soi summer special

July 16th, 2013

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch our latest shortfilms yet, you can make good for that soon. Within the next days, KIKA will show ‘Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen’, ‘Das Bild der Prinzessin’ and ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ within the children’s series ‘Siebenstein’:

Thursday – 18/07, 9:10am – ‘Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen’

Friday – 19/07, 9:10am – ‘Das Bild der Prinzessin’

Monday – 22/07, 9:10am – ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’

Sneak Peak

July 8th, 2013

Here are two pictures of one of our current projects. Directed by Johannes Weiland and Klaus Morschheuser, designed by Sandra Brandstätter, the film is about trials and tribulations of a girl, a mountaintop and a lion in a ballet tutu.

It will have its premiere this autumn within the ZDF kids series ‘Siebenstein’.

‘Nearest and Dearest’ TV premiere

February 12th, 2013

This Sunday, the 17th of February, our latest shortfilm ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’, also known as ‘Nearest and Dearest’, celebrates its TV premiere as part of the TV kids show ‘Siebenstein’.

The directors Max Stöhr and Michael Sieber tell a story about a little boy who tries to work out a good plan to prevent his big sister from moving away.

To find out whether this plan is successful or not, turn on the TV this Sunday 10:35 on ZDF.

Christmas Day? The Gruffalo’s Child!

December 24th, 2011

In anticipation of “The Gruffalo’s Child”, directed by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschoetter, the BBC had kindly asked us to produce this little, gruffalo-themed christmas ident, directed by Jakob Schuh, which they’ve aired the hell out of, we’ve been told, these past few weeks. Thank you, BBC! Well, the wait is almost over, you can finally watch “The Gruffalo’s Child” tomorrow, Dec. 25th, 06.30pm, and then again Dec. 26th, 09.35 am on BBC1. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Welcome to “Toto House”.

March 16th, 2011

“Toto House”, a five minute corporate film for japanese manufacturer of fine sanitary ware TOTO, is currently premiering on the web and at ISH ’11, Frankurt. Directed and designed by Soi’s Uwe Heidschoetter, the little film follows the lives of rather recent neighbors Mr. Rabbit and Mrs. Fox and their gentle first encounters. Watch “Toto House” here.

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“The Amazing World of Gumball” is coming! (to CARTOON NETWORK, Mai 2nd 2011.)

March 10th, 2011

A first sneak peek of CN’s upcoming show “The Amazing World of Gumball” has just been released on youtube. Created by Ben Bocquelet, Gumball was produced by Dandelion Studios Ltd , Boulder Media Ltd and Studio Soi.