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Der Grüffeloadventskalendercountdown #17

Above: Colourconcept for the lake by Neil Ross.

Below: An early sketch Manu Arenas had originally done for the film’s framestory (see Mother Squirrel in the background) ended up serving as the layout for Mouse’s lilypad-passage over the lake. See the German version of “The Gruffalo” premiere on Dec 24th 10.40 am on ZDF.

Der Grüffeloadventskalendercountdown #6

Some more preproduction from “Der Grüffelo”, which you can watch on ZDF this Christmas, December 24th at 10.40 am.

Different production stages from the film’s  “swamp sequence”, from top to bottom: Initial location design by Manu Arenas, set dress and prop design by Jakob Schuh, sculpt by Helena Ebel, location supervisor Klaus Morschheuser putting final touches on the set, lighting reference for CG by Louis Tardivier.