Monthly Archives: January 2012


Fantastic news: “A Morning Stroll” directed by Grant Orchard and produced by Sue Goffe at studio aka, and “Chico & Rita” produced by our friends Martin Pope and Michael Rose at Magic Light Pictures are amongst those nominated for an Academy Award this year! Two beautiful films made by people we like very much. Congratulations from all of soi and all the best for February 26th! (FYI: here‘s a must-read piece Grant wrote about the making of his films…)

3,2,1…lift-off: “Gumball, Season II”:

We’re happy to announce that work has started on “The Amazing World of Gumball’s” second season, a collaboration between Cartoon Network Europe and us. Studio Soi, Ludwigsburg is still hiring rendering specialists as well as compositers. Production has started beginning of this year and will last until end of October 2012. If you are interested, please contact us at: contact[at]