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As the new year begins, we are looking forward to new projects, new artists and new partners we are going to encounter in 2023. Feels like making new tracks in the yet untouched snow. We at studio soi wish you all a wonderful new year!


With a happy heart and a tear in either eye we wished Michael Bohnenstingl all the best when he left our studio in 2009. Michi had spent a five-day-internship in our studio when we worked on „The little Boy and the Beast“ and „The Gruffalo“. Later, Michi directed one episode of Trude and co-created our take on Rasmus Klump. Check out his short „Bis Donnerschtag“ which he directed at Filmakademie in 2017. It’s finally online! 

We’ll keep on secretly glancing at the front door on Thursdays to check if Michi swings by.


Studio Soi is currently looking for After Effects compositors. We are going to work on an international 2D cartoon series this year from May to July. 
We are tackling the project with a team of six artists and will produce a total of 60 minutes. If you want to get a better idea of what the show will look like you could check our work on The Amazing World of Gumball. We are looking for artists who have high communication skills since they will work remotely and need to keep in touch with our supervisor on a regular basis. Further requirements are:

  • strong artistic skills including a sense of color, lighting, composition
  • previous experience with After Effect
  • experience with Shotgun would be a plus

If you are an EU or UK artist who will be able to work full time on a freelance basis please reach out.
Just send a link to your vita and compositing showreel to
We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Update May, 5th, 2020: Thanks to everyone who applied. The team is complete now and we are not looking for more compositing artists at the moment.


(photography by Martin Zentner)

We are looking back upon a full week dedicated to the animated films at this year’s Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart (ITFS). Besides the festival premiere of ‘Trude’s Tier’ (‘Trude’s Flatmate’) and several screenings of ‘Trolltag’ (‘The Troll Trap’), ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’  has been awarded with a Screenplay Trickstar for Best Children’s Animated Series. Klaus Morschheuser and Mathias Schreck attend the ceremony on behalf of Cartoon Network Europe. The Jury’s explanation: ‘We chose this film because of its highly original visual style, its whacky, energetic comedic timing and its heart-warming story that appeals to both kids and adults. Well done!’

Congratulations to the whole team!


The 2D team will join us for the third season of ‘The Amazing World Of Gumball’ very soon. They will be followed by the rendering and compositing team later on. Many artists from last year will return, but there are also a bunch of new people coming to Ludwigsburg for the first time. While the veterans may remember people and events on this picture, the new guys can get a feeling for what the studio is like. We are eagerly awaiting your arrival. Group hug!


Photo by ITFS

The Trickfilmfestival in Stuttgart ended with a very nice surprise. Our short film “Schrecken ohne Ende” was awarded in the category Tricks for Kids. Congratulations to the directors Max Stöhr and Michael Sieber as well as the whole team. For a complete list of the credits go to Soi’s website and click on the very first picture in our work-section.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the complete film online on the ZDF’s website.


Our shortfilm “Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen” was a awarded with the 2012 “Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis” (~best german short 2012). The film was directed by Jakob Schuh and Bin Han-To and produced at our Berlin studio. We’d like to thank the jury for their kind words, we’re very honored, and we’d once more like to thank the film’s lovely team for their commitment and hard work! Thanks so much.


Last weekend, “The Gruffalo’s Child” was awarded the crystal for “Best TV Special” at the Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy. Above you can see animators Max Stöhr and Tobias von Burkersroda shortly after accepting the award. We’d like to thank the entire team for their fantastic work!


We’re happy and sad at the same time: After months of building lush, beautiful miniature landscapes, the  setbuilding department for the upcoming film “Room on the Broom” has finished their work this past monday. We’d like to congratulate and thank the entire team there for their commitment and their stunning work!


This is Sue Goffe and Grant Orchard. They hold a BAFTA! They won it a week ago for their beautiful  “A Morning Stroll”.  We send our very belated, hearty Congratulations to these two and all their colleagues  at studio aka. Well done, well deserved! Everyone here at studio soi has their fingers crossed for coming sunday!

For more, do watch them looking dapper at the BAFTAS here and follow their BBC Oscar-diary here. Also, there’s an interesting interview with Grant over at Cartoon Brew.


Production has finished on Soi’s latest short for ZDF’s “Siebenstein” last week. In an amazing six weeks the lovely Adeline Grange, Benoit Tranchet, Bong Nguyen and Florian Parrot did a wonderful job bringing to life an emancipatory tale about a princess, her husband, and a dragon with a plan. The directors Jakob Schuh & Bin-Han To and all of studio soi would like to thank the entire team!