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This Sunday, Tier is inspired by the Women’s World Cup and in the mood for some football! Luckily his neighbour is a self proclaimed expert and wants to give Tier some advice on how to play really professionally. Can Tier become a top player and still enjoy the fun of a friendly kick-about?

Watch his match this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” before you check out the next stage of the Women’s World Cup.You can also watch on youtube.


This Sunday is Mother’s Day and you can celebrate by watching a special Mother’s Day episode of Trudes Tier as part of “Die Sendung mit der Maus” on German TV. There will be cake and tea and flowers. And for the mothers who prefer more of a thrill: explosions and a hairy beast climbing up a building!


The International Animation Festival in Stuttgart (ITFS) has ended after a week of films, talks, meetings and celebrations. The children’s program featured an episode of “Trude’s Flatmate” in which Trude and her monster-flatmate befriend a pig and then attempt to rescue it from being turned into a sausage. We feel very honoured that the episode received a special mention from the jury at the award ceremony.


Germany’s biggest Animation Festival is just around the corner. The ITFS is taking place in Stuttgart this month, and we’ll be there to meet film-makers from all over the world.
If you come along, you will be able to watch two of our films! An episode of “Trude’s Flatmate” will be part of the ‘Tricks for Kids 1’ program. Why not drop by on Wednesday 26th April at 3pm, and see how the duo befriend a pig?
If you’re in the mood for an open-air experience afterwards, join us at 5pm on the same day for a screening of our TV special, “The Gruffalo” at the beautiful Schlossplatz.
We hope to see you there!


Trude is taking her flatmate to Chicago! Their episode “animal haven” is part of the digital screenings of the International Childrens Film Festival CICFF . The festival begins today and ends on November 20th. Trude and Tier are also bringing their new friend: A pig they found on a transporter on the highway.


This Sunday, Tier wants to win a trip to a tropical island. But just getting the right answer to the quiz does not guarantee him his dream trip. Maybe there is a different way to relax on an island? And maybe it doesn’t even require getting on a plane.
Watch this episode this Sunday on “Sendung mit der Maus” to get into the vacation mood, no matter where you are right now. You can also currently watch all episodes of Trudes Tier, both old and new, on the Kika page.


This year Germany’s biggest children’s film festival is happening in the traditional way and if you go along you will see two of our films screened. There will be one episode of ‘Rico und Oskar’ and the premiere of the latest episode of ‘Trude’s flatmate’. The festival takes place from May 29th to June, 4th. If you go in person, you will also get the chance to meet Trude’s voice Ruth Macke, who will be here to talk about her work as an actress and voice talent. She’s quite a character.


Our series ‘Trudes Flatmate’ has a new slot on German TV. Starting today, KIKA is going to broadcast two episodes per day at 6 p.m. All existing episodes, including six brand-new ones, will be shown within the next two weeks. To celebrate the occasion, we also created a new, colourful title sequence that you can watch today for the first time. We hope you like it!


This weekend a lot of Easter celebrations are taking place. Trude however will be celebrating in a more unconventional way. Her Flatmate, in the role of the Easter Elephant, will organize an Easter Egg hunt with a difference.

You can watch the episode on Sunday at 9:25 in this week’s “Sendung mit der Maus”.


Real gems can be found in garbage. Tier is happy to collect all those free items that other people don’t care about anymore. Only his flatmate Trude is not too happy about his discoveries when tires, canisters  and other rubbish all end up in their apartment. Hording or Kondo? What will it be?
The episode “Sperrmüll” airs this Sunday on Kika and das Erste. It’s also available in the broadcaster’s media library.


Trude’s flatmate hurt his finger. Now, he is looking for help in a hospital. He befriends a boy who’s also not feeling well. But that boy’s sickness is not visible. Trude’s flatmate realizes that a quick fix with a band-aid won’t do the trick. The show “Sendung mit der Maus” is presenting this episode within a TV-special focussing on children’s mental health this Sunday on “Kika” and “Das Erste”. The episode was awarded with a Robert-Geißendorfer-Preis in 2019. In Germany you can also watch the episode online.


Tier has a real sweet tooth. Be it desserts, candies or chocolate bars: all make him really excited. Trude is certainly not happy when her dad visits them – fully loaded with piles of cake. But before she can intervene, Tier already takes his more than fair share. Oh dear dad! Watch Tier’s reaction this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” on German TV.


Tonight the final of this year’s European Championship is taking place at Wembley arena where English and Italian boys celebrate their finest skills. When Tier’s enthusiastic neighbor Axel tries to teach him a lesson on how to kick the ball like a pro, Tier couldn’t care less. It decides not to waste its evening with a tosser and bottler but rather prefers to kick the ball in his backyard where football never has left.

You can watch the episode “Fussball” on youtube .