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David Tennant did a podcast with James Corden. When asked if his children liked that he did voice acting on Trolls, James replied: “They love that I’m in Trolls, they like that I’m Peter Rabbit. Nothing has ever. ..nothing has ever stumped the Gruffalo, I don’t think. ‘Cause that’s… just, you know… a very … yeah: That’s lovely. And I think my youngest daughter is about to discover that quite soon.” It’s so nice that those two films still have a place in his heart and we loved hearing him mentioning it. The way he talks about it is worth listening to rather than reading it.
The quoted part starts around 00:08:52 here: david-tennant-does-a-podcast-with/everyone
The rest of the podcast is great as well and features a lot of David Tennant’s guests.


On December 24th our short films ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ will be shown on ZDF at 8:20 am respectively 8:45 am. ‘Room on the Broom’ will be shown after at 10:25 am.
If you prefer the English version and have access to British television, BBC 1 shows ‘The Gruffalo’ on December 24th, ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ on December 25th and ‘Room on the Broom’ on December 26th each at 9:00 am.

We would like to say thank you to all the talented artists we had the chance to work with during the past 10 years since we founded the studio. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


If you attend this year’s ‘Goldener Spatz’ in Erfurt and Gera, you might want to take a chance watching ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’.

It will be screened twice within the category ‘Animation’. The first screening is on May, 28th at 15:30 at UCI 4 in Gera. The second one is on May, 30th at 11:15 at CineStar 4 in Erfurt.

If you are lucky, it might give you a fresh winter breeze on a hot sunny day.


Our latest short film “Schrecken ohne Ende” as well as the Gumball episode “The Job” will be screened at this year’s ITFS on Sunday, 28th of April, 2:00 pm at the Metropol. In the same screening last year’s BBC 1 Christmas special “Room on the Broom” will be shown for the first time in Germany.

Also, there is the chance to watch “Der Kleine und das Biest” on April, 27th at 9:00 pm at the special jubilee screening “20 Festival – 20 Filme”. Furthermore you will have the chance to watch “The Gruffalo’s Child” in the open on Thursday 25th at 3:00 pm on Schlossplatz.

Finally, two of our co-founders, Saschka Unseld and Jakob Schuh, will give an insight on their work on April, 26th. At 2:00 pm Saschka will present Pixar’s most recent short film “The Blue Umbrella” at the König-Karl-Halle as part of the FMX. Jakob will talk about the work on his movies at 8:00 pm at the Metropol.


Shortly after the start of this year’s ITFS, we have a little update on our blog posting. The short films ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ and ‘Room on the Broom’ will be screened on Sunday, 28th at 4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. ‘The Job’ will be shown at 2:30 pm at Metropol.

Besides that you can also watch ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ on April, 27th at 3 pm at Gloria and on April, 28th at 4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Saschka will also give an insight of his work on ‘The Blue Umbrella’ as part of the Pixar studio presentation on the ITFS at Gloria at 5 pm on April, 27th.


Picture by Malte Christians

After having its German TV premiere at Christmas 2012, our movie ”The Gruffalo’s Child’, directed by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschötter, was awarded with the EMIL award on 21st March.

Here is an extract from the jury decision: ‘The Gruffalo’s Child is one of the rare sequels exceeding the prequel. Softly and lyrically the film describes a journey through a snowy and nightly forest. Rhymed commentaries and dialogues humorously question the prequel’s story.’

For all German speakers, here is the complete jury statement:

Kinder müssen Fehler machen dürfen, um zu lernen. Manchmal müssen sie sogar die Fehler ihrer Eltern wiederholen, um selbst Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Genau darum geht es im Kurzfilm „Das Grüffelokind“.

Wie schon im Vorgänger „Der Grüffelo“ haben die Animatoren die Illustrationen des Kinderbuchs liebevoll in dreidimensionale Figuren übertragen. Der Grüffelo ist inzwischen Vater geworden. Mit Unbehagen erinnert sich das Waldmonster an seine Begegnung mit der „großen bösen Maus“. Doch der Nachwuchs zweifelt: Gibt es im Wald wirklich ein mächtigeres Ungeheuer als den wuchtigen Papa? Das Grüffelchen büxt aus, um es herauszufinden.

Das Grüffelokind“ zählt zu jenen raren Fortsetzungen, die den ersten Teil übertreffen. Leise und lyrisch schildert der Film die Reise durch den verschneiten, nächtlichen Wald. Gereimte Kommentare und Dialoge hinterfragen gewitzt die Geschichte des Vorgängers.

Doch vor allem das ambivalente Finale hat die EMIL-Jury beeindruckt. Natürlich atmet man auf, wenn die Maus das Grüffelokind ebenso austrickst, erschreckt und verjagt wie einst dessen Vater. Aber: Insgeheim tut einem das tapfere, wissbegierige Grüffelchen auch ein bisschen leid.


On Sunday as part of the children’s show Siebenstein our very first shortfilm “Torvald und der Tannenbaum” will be shown at 10:35 am on KiKa in HD.

In the morning of the 24th the ZDF will show our half-hour-special “Der Güffelo” at 10:10 am
followed at 10:40 by “Das Grüffelokind” which airs for the first time on German television.

Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!


Both “The Gruffalo’s Child” and Cartoon Network’s “The Amazing Adventures of Gumball” are nominated in the animation category of the 2012 Children’s Baftas. Gumball-creator Ben Bocquelet together with his colleagues James Lamont and Jon Foster are also nominated for their writing work on “Gumball”. We congratulate all the teams and wish the very best for Sunday, Nov 25th!
(colour studies above by Aurélien Predal)


Oh, the joys of the internet, look what we found on amazon UK:  Starting Oct. 1st you can apparently order both “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s Child” in one sweet looking tin suitcase, just big enough for a Mouse-sandwich and a piece of Gruffalo-crumble, once you’ve removed the DVD’s. Nice!


Last weekend, “The Gruffalo’s Child” was awarded the crystal for “Best TV Special” at the Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy. Above you can see animators Max Stöhr and Tobias von Burkersroda shortly after accepting the award. We’d like to thank the entire team for their fantastic work!


Happy news from the UK: At the BAA‘s last friday, the Gruffalo’s Child, directed by Johannes Weiland und Uwe Heidschoetter,  shared the award for “Best Long-form Animation”  with the Quay Brothers’ latest “Maska”. Together with producer Michael Rose Johannes accepted the award amongst many friends:  “The Amazing World Of Gumball” was a double winner, taking the “Best Children’s Series” prize and triumphing in a public vote for best kids’ show. Studio Aka’s Grant Orchard won “Best Short Film” for his Oscar-nominated “A Morning Stroll”. Congratulations from all of Soi to all the winners!

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In anticipation of “The Gruffalo’s Child”, directed by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschoetter, the BBC had kindly asked us to produce this little, gruffalo-themed christmas ident, directed by Jakob Schuh, which they’ve aired the hell out of, we’ve been told, these past few weeks. Thank you, BBC! Well, the wait is almost over, you can finally watch “The Gruffalo’s Child” tomorrow, Dec. 25th, 06.30pm, and then again Dec. 26th, 09.35 am on BBC1. We wish you a Merry Christmas!