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GUMBALL wins Bafta n° 3 and n°4!!!

After winning two Children’s Baftas in 2011,  last night Ben Bocquelet and “The amazingly goodlooking Team of Gumball” graciously accepted yet another two golden masks  for their genius and hard work, again in both nominated categories, “Writing” and “Animation”. We congratulate Ben, Mic, Aurelie, Joanna, Daniel and their whole amazing crew, well deserved everyone, we raise our glasses!

Dept. of Knights & Damsels.

Hey, following the slightly medieval theme we’ve had with some films in the recent past, this summer Johannes Weiland teamed up with Jakob Schuh for six weeks and the two made two quick little films explaining the courtly life of knights and noble damsels for German children’s show “Löwenzahn”. You can watch the result coming Sunday 08.15 am on ZDF or 11.05 am on Kika. (ZDF also has both films up on the web. Click on the little “2” in the lower right to also watch the second film.)

A shiny Lola for “Princess & Dragon”!

Our shortfilm “Die Prinzessin, der Prinz und der Drache mit den grünen Augen” was a awarded with the 2012 “Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis” (~best german short 2012). The film was directed by Jakob Schuh and Bin Han-To and produced at our Berlin studio. We’d like to thank the jury for their kind words, we’re very honored, and we’d once more like to thank the film’s lovely team for their commitment and hard work! Thanks so much.

Gumball and Gruffalo’s Child both nominated for a Children’s Bafta.

Both “The Gruffalo’s Child” and Cartoon Network’s “The Amazing Adventures of Gumball” are nominated in the animation category of the 2012 Children’s Baftas. Gumball-creator Ben Bocquelet together with his colleagues James Lamont and Jon Foster are also nominated for their writing work on “Gumball”. We congratulate all the teams and wish the very best for Sunday, Nov 25th!
(colour studies above by Aurélien Predal)

“Princess & Dragon” nominated for Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2012

Our shortfilm “Princess & Dragon”, directed by Jakob Schuh and Bin-Han To is currently nominated for the “Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis” (~best German short 2012).  We’re very happy and would like to use the opportunity to once again thank the wonderful french/bavarian team on this one: Best of luck at the awards next monday.
(above: modelsheet “prince” j.schuh)