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Trude is taking her flatmate to Chicago! Their episode “animal haven” is part of the digital screenings of the International Childrens Film Festival CICFF . The festival begins today and ends on November 20th. Trude and Tier are also bringing their new friend: A pig they found on a transporter on the highway.


This year’s online edition of Bucharest’s Animation Festival showed our film Swipe Swipe in their competition. A pleasant surprise since the music video heavily relies on the songwriting of Germany’s well- known artist Bummelkasten. Social media seems to be not only a local phenomenon.


This year a lot of film festivals had to be canceled. That also seemed to apply to Germany’s biggest children’s film festival The Golden Sparrow. A cancellation would have been especially sad for us since three of our films got selected. But thanks to their festival team the bird will finally twitter in the golden summer of Erfurt and Gera 2020 from September 20th to 26th! If you want to watch “Swipe, Swipe”, “Trude’s Flatmate” and “Rasmus Klump” on the big screen find out more on the Golden Sparrow’s website.


Shadi’s short film “ODE” about the European Union received a special mention for simplicity, atmosphere and nontrivial animation at Ukraine’s Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival LINOLEUM.



The KLIK-Festival in Amsterdam shows one episode of our mini series “Trude’s Flatmate” today 5:30 p.m. If you can’t make it on such a short notice you’ll have another chance to watch it there on Saturday, November 8th at 6 p.m. The episode features a big, yellow shovel excavator! Don’t miss it!


Our latest short film “Schrecken ohne Ende” as well as the Gumball episode “The Job” will be screened at this year’s ITFS on Sunday, 28th of April, 2:00 pm at the Metropol. In the same screening last year’s BBC 1 Christmas special “Room on the Broom” will be shown for the first time in Germany.

Also, there is the chance to watch “Der Kleine und das Biest” on April, 27th at 9:00 pm at the special jubilee screening “20 Festival – 20 Filme”. Furthermore you will have the chance to watch “The Gruffalo’s Child” in the open on Thursday 25th at 3:00 pm on Schlossplatz.

Finally, two of our co-founders, Saschka Unseld and Jakob Schuh, will give an insight on their work on April, 26th. At 2:00 pm Saschka will present Pixar’s most recent short film “The Blue Umbrella” at the König-Karl-Halle as part of the FMX. Jakob will talk about the work on his movies at 8:00 pm at the Metropol.


Shortly after the start of this year’s ITFS, we have a little update on our blog posting. The short films ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ and ‘Room on the Broom’ will be screened on Sunday, 28th at 4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Museum. ‘The Job’ will be shown at 2:30 pm at Metropol.

Besides that you can also watch ‘Schrecken ohne Ende’ on April, 27th at 3 pm at Gloria and on April, 28th at 4 pm at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Saschka will also give an insight of his work on ‘The Blue Umbrella’ as part of the Pixar studio presentation on the ITFS at Gloria at 5 pm on April, 27th.


Two projects we’ve been involved in will be part of this year’s competition in Annecy: “The Amazing World of Gumball“, helmed by our friend Ben Bocquelet, will premiere an episode at the festival. Studio Soi was in charge of technical direction, modeling, rigging, parts of the rendering, layout as well as the title sequence. Our latest short film “Princess’ Painting” by directors Klaus Morschheuser and Johannes Weiland will be competing in the TV-special competition. Also this year in Annecy: Studio Aka’s latest short “A Morning Stroll“, directed by the always amazing Grant Orchard and “Daniel, une vie en Bouteille“, directed by our friend and collaborator Louis Tardivier.

Big Festival Round-up: China, Japan, Korea, Brasil, USA, Pakistan

“The Little Boy and the Beast” (together with our producer Sabrina Schmid) will be visiting China, where the film is in competition at the  16th Shanghai TV Festival (June 6th to June 11th) next week. “The Gruffalo” is going West then, to compete at Siggraph in LA (July 25th to July 29th). Both “The Gruffalo” and “The Little Boy and the Beast” plus its predecessor, Jakob Schuh’s and Saschka Unseld’s “Angel Afoot” are competing at 3rd Lahore International Children’s Film Festival 2010 (Sept 1st to Sept 12th). We’re very happy to hear that “The Little Boy and the Beast” will also be competing at Hiroshima 2010 (Aug 7th to Aug 11th) and Brasil’s Anima Mundi (July 16th to July 25th) and will be screened at SICAF (July 21st to July 25th).


If you want to catch two of our films in Annecy next week, here's where and when:

"THE GRUFFALO" 			( TV programme n°2 )
Decavision 1   	08/06/2010      	10h30
MJC Novel      	09/06/2010      	14h00
Decavision 3+4    	0/06/2010       	21h00
Salle Pierre Lamy   	11/06/2010       	16h00

"THE LITTLE BOY AND THE BEAST" 	( TV programme n°4 )
Salle Pierre Lamy 	07/06/2010      	16h00
Decavision 3+4    	08/06/2010      	21h00
Decavision 1        	10/06/2010      	10h30
MJC Novel            	11/06/2010      	14h00


Studio Soi was kindly invited by Grafill, The Norwegian Organization for Visual Communication, to come to Oslo this month and present some of our work both at “Visuelt 2010” as well as Norwegian animation conference “Frame by Frame“.

Soi’s Torben Meier will give an overview of the studio’s work on Friday, May 7th at 12:30 at “Visuelt”  and on Saturday, May 8th at ” Frame by Frame“. We are looking forward to meeting a lot of artists and animators in Norway and grant a glimpse behind the curtains of our more recent productions.