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Our brand new episodes of “Trudes Tier” are now also airing as part of “Sendung mit der Maus”. Starting this Sunday with the episode “Sitz”, which will be aired 09:30 a.m. on ARD and at 11:30 a.m. on Kika.
The new neighbor confuses Trude’s flatmate with a dog and enjoys petting him a bit too much. He is not a fan of that behaviour and needs to be very inventive to avoid passing by her door.
From within Germany you can also watch the episode online.


Traditionally on November 11th, children in Germany go for a nightwalk with their homemade lanterns. Trude’s flatmate Tier has some brilliant ideas on what household items could be turned into a stunning lantern. The only problem is: This year Trude brought a guest! The little girl needs some crafts materials as well. And sharing is not the strong side of Trude’s flatmate. The result is a cold war between the lantern builders! Will Trude manage to re-establish peace on this special day?
This new episode of “Trude’s Flatmate” and five others will air in the mornings of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. 8:30 am on German broadcaster KiKA.


Sebastian Koch and Marcus Schäfer contributed these characters for one of our pitches. A different design was chosen in the end, so we are publishing this page here.
Check out their other works here:


On September 26th, Soi’s writer Marcus Sauermann was awarded with the prestigious “Robert Geisendörfer Preis” in Berlin for his TV-series “Trude’s Flatmate”. The award honors productions that focus on social cohesion, prevention of violence and humanitarian issues.
The jury especially selected two episodes: one is about virtual reality, the other one deals with the topic of mental health issues. Both were part of WDR’s children’s magazine “Sendung mit der Maus”.

Marcus and Klaus made the trip to Berlin to attend the award ceremony whereas Trude, Tier and the rest of the soi crew celebrated at home.

(photo by Verena Brüning)