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This Sunday, Tier is inspired by the Women’s World Cup and in the mood for some football! Luckily his neighbour is a self proclaimed expert and wants to give Tier some advice on how to play really professionally. Can Tier become a top player and still enjoy the fun of a friendly kick-about?

Watch his match this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” before you check out the next stage of the Women’s World Cup.You can also watch on youtube.


Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with Pumuckl, the childhood hero of Soi veterans, Micha and Mathias, as well as many other German kids who loved watching him back in the 80s. We were the lucky studio chosen to animate our hero and integrate him into the live action scenes in compositing. With a team of 30 artists, we worked on all 13 episodes of the newly rebooted show. Three episodes will be shown to an audience for the first time at the Filmfest München. Tickets are already sold out for the screening, but you’ll be able to watch all the episodes on streaming service RTL+ this autumn. We’ll give you a shout about the release date on our blog and social media nearer the time!


We will be at the Annecy Festival this year from Tuesday, 13th of June to Thursday. The feature film ‘La Sirène’ that we worked on will be shown as part of the long film competition. We are also currently recruiting for upcoming projects. Opportunities will become available in a variety of departments, including layout, digital 2D animation and clean up, 3D modeling and animation, compositing, pipeline, rigging and production. So if you are interested and would like to meet up at Annecy for a short chat, you can email us at (please include Annecy in the subject line).

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!


This Sunday is Mother’s Day and you can celebrate by watching a special Mother’s Day episode of Trudes Tier as part of “Die Sendung mit der Maus” on German TV. There will be cake and tea and flowers. And for the mothers who prefer more of a thrill: explosions and a hairy beast climbing up a building!


The International Animation Festival in Stuttgart (ITFS) has ended after a week of films, talks, meetings and celebrations. The children’s program featured an episode of “Trude’s Flatmate” in which Trude and her monster-flatmate befriend a pig and then attempt to rescue it from being turned into a sausage. We feel very honoured that the episode received a special mention from the jury at the award ceremony.


At Studio Soi we’ve got an eclectic bunch of new projects brewing. That means we will be hoping to fill some empty chairs with new colleagues working in-house in Ludwigsburg. Opportunities will be coming up in digital 2D animation and clean up, 3D modelling and animation, compositing, pipeline, rigging and production work. So if you are interested, and you happen to be visiting the Animation festivals in Stuttgart this month, why not meet up at the event and see if we could be a good match for you? To arrange a short chat, you can reach out to and just make sure to put ITFS in your subject line. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!


Germany’s biggest Animation Festival is just around the corner. The ITFS is taking place in Stuttgart this month, and we’ll be there to meet film-makers from all over the world.
If you come along, you will be able to watch two of our films! An episode of “Trude’s Flatmate” will be part of the ‘Tricks for Kids 1’ program. Why not drop by on Wednesday 26th April at 3pm, and see how the duo befriend a pig?
If you’re in the mood for an open-air experience afterwards, join us at 5pm on the same day for a screening of our TV special, “The Gruffalo” at the beautiful Schlossplatz.
We hope to see you there!


Premiering at this year’s Berlinale in February, the animated feature film “La Sirène” was co-produced with teams in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. We at Studio Soi provided layouts, 3D models and textures, as well as animation. This moving war story, set in Iran in 1980, was written by Djavad Djavahery and directed by Sepideh Farsi.


As the new year begins, we are looking forward to new projects, new artists and new partners we are going to encounter in 2023. Feels like making new tracks in the yet untouched snow. We at studio soi wish you all a wonderful new year!


Trude is taking her flatmate to Chicago! Their episode “animal haven” is part of the digital screenings of the International Childrens Film Festival CICFF . The festival begins today and ends on November 20th. Trude and Tier are also bringing their new friend: A pig they found on a transporter on the highway.


TV show ‘Siebenstein’ is showing our shortfilm “The Princess’ Painting” this Sunday at 10:40 on Ki.Ka. The film was the awarded as best TV special in Annecy in 2011. If you haven’t managed to see it yet, this is an opportunity to finally do so. If you’d rather sleep in on Sunday or don’t happen to be in Germany, you could also watch it anytime on youtube.


This Sunday, Tier wants to win a trip to a tropical island. But just getting the right answer to the quiz does not guarantee him his dream trip. Maybe there is a different way to relax on an island? And maybe it doesn’t even require getting on a plane.
Watch this episode this Sunday on “Sendung mit der Maus” to get into the vacation mood, no matter where you are right now. You can also currently watch all episodes of Trudes Tier, both old and new, on the Kika page.


This year Germany’s biggest children’s film festival is happening in the traditional way and if you go along you will see two of our films screened. There will be one episode of ‘Rico und Oskar’ and the premiere of the latest episode of ‘Trude’s flatmate’. The festival takes place from May 29th to June, 4th. If you go in person, you will also get the chance to meet Trude’s voice Ruth Macke, who will be here to talk about her work as an actress and voice talent. She’s quite a character.