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In our short film ‘The Troll Trap’ little Smilla catches a troll in the mountains. But when she sets him free again, he refuses to go away! Cotton candy bait is way too delicious! You can watch the short film this Sunday on the German show Siebenstein at 10:40 am on KIKA if you want to learn how to catch a troll, but also how to become friends with one. Or two.


This weekend a lot of Easter celebrations are taking place. Trude however will be celebrating in a more unconventional way. Her Flatmate, in the role of the Easter Elephant, will organize an Easter Egg hunt with a difference.

You can watch the episode on Sunday at 9:25 in this week’s “Sendung mit der Maus”.


In 2014 we produced a short film about a turtle, a fox and a marten running wild in Berlin.
If you didn’t catch it the first time around; now you have another chance to watch it. This Sunday at 10:40 am on KIKA as part of the show Siebenstein.

See more information and character designs on our website.


One of our first short films returns to TV. The story about the smallest woodcutter in town who wants to give his wife the biggest Christmas trees of them all, won the children’s film award “Goldener Spatz” in 2004. It  has been a part of Kika’s December programming many times since. You can watch it as part of the children’s show “Siebenstein” this Sunday on TV as well as online (starting at 6:45 within the episode).


Real gems can be found in garbage. Tier is happy to collect all those free items that other people don’t care about anymore. Only his flatmate Trude is not too happy about his discoveries when tires, canisters  and other rubbish all end up in their apartment. Hording or Kondo? What will it be?
The episode “Sperrmüll” airs this Sunday on Kika and das Erste. It’s also available in the broadcaster’s media library.


Trude’s flatmate hurt his finger. Now, he is looking for help in a hospital. He befriends a boy who’s also not feeling well. But that boy’s sickness is not visible. Trude’s flatmate realizes that a quick fix with a band-aid won’t do the trick. The show “Sendung mit der Maus” is presenting this episode within a TV-special focussing on children’s mental health this Sunday on “Kika” and “Das Erste”. The episode was awarded with a Robert-Geißendorfer-Preis in 2019. In Germany you can also watch the episode online.


In Cyprus, in the ancient city of Paphos, this year’s edition of the animation festival Animattikon took place online as well as on location. Our short film “Ode”, directed by Shadi Abib, won the Golden Hat Award for Best Commissioned Film. Thanks to the jury and the whole festival team! If you haven’t seen the short yet, you may check it out on youtube.


Waltraut is a fallen angel. She comes up with a plan on how to get home after she watches strong men Kuno in a circus using a cannon as a catapult. You can find out if Waltraud ends up in heaven this Sunday on KIKA 10:40 am.


Tier has a real sweet tooth. Be it desserts, candies or chocolate bars: all make him really excited. Trude is certainly not happy when her dad visits them – fully loaded with piles of cake. But before she can intervene, Tier already takes his more than fair share. Oh dear dad! Watch Tier’s reaction this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” on German TV.


Tonight the final of this year’s European Championship is taking place at Wembley arena where English and Italian boys celebrate their finest skills. When Tier’s enthusiastic neighbor Axel tries to teach him a lesson on how to kick the ball like a pro, Tier couldn’t care less. It decides not to waste its evening with a tosser and bottler but rather prefers to kick the ball in his backyard where football never has left.

You can watch the episode “Fussball” on youtube .


Last year we got the opportunity again to work with the characters that influenced our work life for more than 10 years. Cartoon Network asked us to work on brand new animation for a “The Amazing World of Gumball” clipshow. It was a pleasure to once again work with members of the original team! The Gumball chronicles are available on youtube now


Each year public broadcaster ARD awards productions of high quality and an innovative approach. We are happy to say that this year our series “Trude’s Flatmate” and our short film “Swipe Swipe” were honored with this award. 


This years’ edition of Stuttgart’s animation festival ITFS is starting online today. You can find all information you need to watch the programs on the festival’s website. We are happy to be part of it with five of our films:
SWIPE SWIPE by Bummelkasten, Shadi and Johannes, “Fireworks” and “Klickhit”, two episodes of TRUDE’s FLATMATE directed by Klaus and Johannes, our first episode of RICO & OSKAR “Alles Banane”, directed by Micha and one episode of BOOTS & PAWS “Nicht gesund” directed by Klaus & Moni.


Everybody wants to score highest at miniature golf. But it’s only fun if all are playing fair. Trude and Tier can agree on that. Still sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to improve your game.
See how Trude and her flatmate Tier do just that this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus”.