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Oh, the horror! Trude has to give an important presentation. On a Friday, the 13th! With all the bad luck that comes with a day like this, will she even make it to the presentation on time? How can Tier and his lucky charm – a special leek from the grocery store – help her to turn her bad luck around? Watch this episode on Sunday, Jul,y 14th 2024 on on “Sendung mit der Maus” on KIKA and ARD or on YouTube.


If you haven’t seen our 2014 short film yet, you can do so as part of the show “Rudis Rabenteuer”. Watch it this Sunday (18th May) at 10:50 am on KIKA. A turtle escapes from a pet store with the help of his friends, a fox and a marten. While discovering freedom in the city of Berlin, Turtle has to decide between freedom or the cosy safety of the pet store. 
Visit our website for more details and sketches of the characters.


Rico, Oskar and their friends decide to plant some flowers. With patience and care, they manage to create a beautiful flower garden. However, overnight, all the plants mysteriously disappear. So Rico and Oskar decide to lie in wait at night to catch the thief red-handed.
This spring-themed episode of Rico and Oskar will air as part of ‘Sendung mit der Maus’ this Sunday on German TV.


The time has come to present the second clip that we made for Sendung mit der Maus. This time, Maus has to come up with a solution to get his well deserved sleep, even if the sun would like to start the day already.  The spot will air on Sunday, March 10th, 2024 at 9:30am. By then, hopefully most of us should manage to be awake to watch it.


We’ve produced various projects for Germany’s most popular children’s program, Sendung mit der Maus and finally, in 2023, we had the chance to contribute two one-minute-clips featuring the show’s main character: The Maus! The short interstitials with the iconic character and his elephant friend have been the trademark of the show for 50 years. Our first Maus-Spot is airing on Sunday, February 4th 2024.


75 years ago, the German constitution was written in a very unusual location: a museum filled with stuffed animals. The satirical late night show ZDF Magazin Royale tells the story of how these animals actually played an essential part in setting up the law for post-war Germany. Studio Soi’s Johannes Weiland, co-directed the film with ZDF Magazin Royale’s Risto Saar. Together with a small team of artists, Johannes created the storyboards, animatics, backgrounds, animation and the compositing for the 30 minute piece. Audiences will have their chance to watch the film Friday, 19th of January 2024 on ZDF. The streaming service ZDF Mediathek will also stream the film from 8pm on the same day.


Ep 03: Der alte Eder Pumuckl Copyright: Neuesuper

On December 26th Pumuckl is premiering on German free TV with six episodes, on RTL, beginning at 15:45. Another six episodes will be aired on the following day at the same time! More about Pumuckl on our webpage


For this holiday season, we got the chance to create a special of Rico & Oskar. On the first of December their Christmas adventures premiere on KiKa at 10:35 a.m.
Dive into the festive spirit as the kids explore Berlin during the most wonderful time of the year. There’s just one question: Who or what is the Spirit of Christmas, and what happens when Rico, Oskar and their friends stumble upon it? There is a second chance to watch the complete special on December, 17th at 5:25 pm again on Ki.Kia.


Our short film“The Princess’ Painting” Is on TV again.  If you haven’t watched it, yet there is a chance to do so on Sunday, November 12th 2023 at 10:450 am on KiKA as part of the show “Rudis Rabenteuer”. Find more information about the film on our website.


Exciting news for fans of Pumuckl, the little trouble-maker who has been so popular with German-speaking audiences for decades.  So far, only festival-goers have had a chance to see him running riot in a fresh relaunch. However, this Autumn, he is unleashed on a wider audience as the new series comes to the big screen! Three anarchic episodes will be released in German cinemas from October 26th.
Produced by Neue Super and animated by studio soi, the new Pumuckl is set for a release of all 13 episodes on RTL+ later this year. For a sneak peek of Pumuckl in action, head over to the teaser on youtube.

Foto: Constantin Film/RTL+/Neuesuper/Constantin Film/obs


This Sunday, Tier is inspired by the Women’s World Cup and in the mood for some football! Luckily his neighbour is a self proclaimed expert and wants to give Tier some advice on how to play really professionally. Can Tier become a top player and still enjoy the fun of a friendly kick-about?

Watch his match this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” before you check out the next stage of the Women’s World Cup.You can also watch on youtube.


Recently we’ve had the pleasure of working with Pumuckl, the childhood hero of Soi veterans, Micha and Mathias, as well as many other German kids who loved watching him back in the 80s. We were the lucky studio chosen to animate our hero and integrate him into the live action scenes in compositing. With a team of 30 artists, we worked on all 13 episodes of the newly rebooted show. Three episodes will be shown to an audience for the first time at the Filmfest München. Tickets are already sold out for the screening, but you’ll be able to watch all the episodes on streaming service RTL+ this autumn. We’ll give you a shout about the release date on our blog and social media nearer the time!


We will be at the Annecy Festival this year from Tuesday, 13th of June to Thursday. The feature film ‘La Sirène’ that we worked on will be shown as part of the long film competition. We are also currently recruiting for upcoming projects. Opportunities will become available in a variety of departments, including layout, digital 2D animation and clean up, 3D modeling and animation, compositing, pipeline, rigging and production. So if you are interested and would like to meet up at Annecy for a short chat, you can email us at (please include Annecy in the subject line).

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!