Each year public broadcaster ARD awards productions of high quality and an innovative approach. We are happy to say that this year our series “Trude’s Flatmate” and our short film “Swipe Swipe” were honored with this award. 


This years’ edition of Stuttgart’s animation festival ITFS is starting online today. You can find all information you need to watch the programs on the festival’s website. We are happy to be part of it with five of our films:
SWIPE SWIPE by Bummelkasten, Shadi and Johannes, “Fireworks” and “Klickhit”, two episodes of TRUDE’s FLATMATE directed by Klaus and Johannes, our first episode of RICO & OSKAR “Alles Banane”, directed by Micha and one episode of BOOTS & PAWS “Nicht gesund” directed by Klaus & Moni.


Everybody wants to score highest at miniature golf. But it’s only fun if all are playing fair. Trude and Tier can agree on that. Still sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to improve your game.
See how Trude and her flatmate Tier do just that this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus”.


This short film features a princess who finally decides to split from her misogynistic prince charming. She instead sets her eyes on the handsome dragon who lives next door. You can watch this spin on classic fairytale storytelling on Sunday, 11th of April as part of the show “Siebenstein” on German TV again.For more information and images check out the film’s website:  princess & dragon


In our short film “Nearest and Dearest” a boy would love to stop time, so his bigger sister won’t move out. His grandmother apparently knows how to do the trick: Scaring someone at the right moment. If you want to know how this works you can watch the film on Easter (April 4th) as part of the TV show “Siebenstein” at 10:40 a.m. on KIKA.


To celebrate the 50th birthday of “Sendung mit der Maus” broadcaster WDR is going to air a selection of films that represent the last decade. Two of studio soi’s shorts have made the cut: One episode of Trude’s Flatmate from 2013 where Tier nicks an excavator from a construction site. The other one is “Swipe Swipe”, a music clip  from 2019. You can watch both on Sunday, March, 7th at 8:30 am on DAS ERSTE. The Trude episode is also available in our youtube playlist.


Cartoon Network’s new show “Elliott from Earth” is going to premiere on March 6th at 10:00am on CN UK. Quite exciting to us since our studio was involved at the later stages of that production. During the last year we contributed some 3D modelling and animation as well as the compositing of 6 full episodes! Even better, the work on Elliott gave us the chance to work once more with some familiar faces from the Gumball team. Watch the newest teaser here.


At the start of 2021 the second episode of our contribution to the Rico & Oskar TV series will be shown as part of Sendung mit der Maus. This time, the children help one of their friends to overcome stage fright. But in the end it is Checker himself who discovers that it is okay not to have goals as long as you keep on moving. Find out more about the series on our website.


In 2019/2020 we had the opportunity to direct and animate 5 episodes for Rico & Oskar, an animated TV Series written by Andreas Steinhöfel and Klaus Döring. Rico & Oskar is produced by Sad Origami and based on Andy’s novels. The first of the episodes we contributed will air this Sunday in “Sendung mit der Maus” on WDR.

In this episode Oskar states that slapstick comedy does not resonate with his sense of humor. But being a rather clumsy fellow himself, boy oh boy, does he make it hard for his friends to not laugh at him. Sometimes it takes a while to accept what our true calling is. At least Oskar will always get the attention he deserves.
If you are a fan of Rico & Oskar: the 5th book has just been published. It’s a good one!


Just before Christmas one of our earliest films will be shown on TV. The film tells the story of Torvald, the smallest lumberjack in town, who wants to give his wife a present: the biggest Christmas tree of them all. The short film will be part of a Siebenstein episode on Sunday, 20th at 10:40 a.m. on KIKA.

At the end of the film, on Christmas eve, it’s just the two of them, Torvald and his wife Annicke, who can unwrap their presents under the Christmas tree. Maybe just like most of you who cannot celebrate with their loved ones this year. But hey! Now that you have more space than usual in your living room: was there ever a better chance to get an even bigger tree?

We hope you too will have happy holidays and a wonderful Christmas season.


This year’s online edition of Bucharest’s Animation Festival showed our film Swipe Swipe in their competition. A pleasant surprise since the music video heavily relies on the songwriting of Germany’s well- known artist Bummelkasten. Social media seems to be not only a local phenomenon.


In October, KIKA screened “Princess’ Painting”, one of our earlier shorts. This month, KIKA is showing another short film of ours about angel Waltraut from 2008. If you want to find out what happens to Waltraud when her behaviour is far from angelic you can watch her this Sunday on KIKA as part of the show Siebenstein.The script was written by Marcus Sauermann. Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld directed the film. Angel afoot won the prestigious Annecy Crystal back in the same year. See more images on our website.