(artwork by Domareen Fox)

We are proud to present Petzi (Rasmus Klump), our latest TV series. It is based on the books by Carla an Vilhelm Hansen that we ourselves owned, read and loved when we were children. We were lucky to explore this world again and live with these characters. We had the opportunity to work with many talented people who became part of our ship crew and who conquered our hearts. It has been a journey we will never forget. We hope children will enjoy watching the show and going on adventures with Petzi and his gang.

Starting from September 15th the 26 episodes of Rasmus Klump/ Petzi will air daily at 6:35 p.m. on Germany’s KIKA. The episodes will then also be available online for a limited time.

Check our blog to get more details in the upcoming weeks and see some more pre-production artwork.