October 13th, 2018

mjnnnjpcpjlfnkld On Sunday, October 14th, another episode of Trude’s Flatemate is going to be screened on german broadcaster “Das Erste” at 9:10 am and on “KIKA” at 11:30 am. The episode is part of a “Sendung mit der Maus”-special about children with a mental disorder. Trude’s flatmate is running around the hospital, looking for a plaster for a very tiny scratch on his finger. He meets a little boy who tells him about his problem with an invisible illness.
Trude’s flatmate does not understand a word. But in the end, in his very unique way, Trudes flatmate is the reason why the boy is feeling a little bit better.

You can also watch the episode online:
For more information check this out:

Also Sunday October 14th: for those who missed Petzi on Kika, there is a chance to see the first 3 episodes again on german boradcaster “ZDF”: at 6:40

Kicking in the suburbs

June 14th, 2018


Just in time for the World Cup a new episode of our series will premiere this weekend. Trude’s flatmate learns what it takes to play proper football. Join them on Sunday, June 17th on German on television if you have the chance:
At 9:30 a.m. on das Erste and 11:30 a.m. on Kinderkanal.
The Mediathek of ARD will have the Episode for 2 weeks from Sunday. Both times as part of the show Die Sendung mit der Maus.

Trude in Cannes

April 10th, 2018


Trude and her flatmate are nominated for the Emmy Kids Award. The award ceremony is taking place tonight at the MIPTV in Cannes and soi’s director Klaus drove down to the South of France to attend the event.


October 20th, 2017


Trude, her flatmate and ourselves are overwhelmed.
The two of them are nominated for an Emmy Kids award.

Trude wins a Trickster!

May 9th, 2017


At last week’s International Trickfilm Festival in Stuttgart, “The Beauty and its Beast” from our TV series “Trude’s Flatmate” (Trudes Tier), directed by Klaus Morschheuser, has been awarded with the Tricks for Kids award in the category Best TV Series.

Congratulations to the team!  🏆✨

Trude’s Flatmate and Petzi at ITFS

April 28th, 2017


Trude’s flatmate has his big performance at this year’s ITFS, but he’s not alone! The episode “The beauty and his beast” from our TV series “Trude’s Flatmate” (Trude’s Tier) as well as the episode “Back on Track” from our TV series “Klump” (Petzi) are being screened at this year’s International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart. Both episodes are running on Wednesday, 3rd of May at 2:30pm at Metropol 1 as well as on Saturday, 6th of May at 5:00pm at Gloria 1. Check it out if you’re there!

And make sure to give the team a hearty hug if you see them around. :)