mjnnnjpcpjlfnkld On Sunday, October 14th, another episode of Trude’s Flatemate is going to be screened on german broadcaster “Das Erste” at 9:10 am and on “KIKA” at 11:30 am. The episode is part of a “Sendung mit der Maus”-special about children with a mental disorder. Trude’s flatmate is running around the hospital, looking for a plaster for a very tiny scratch on his finger. He meets a little boy who tells him about his problem with an invisible illness.
Trude’s flatmate does not understand a word. But in the end, in his very unique way, Trudes flatmate is the reason why the boy is feeling a little bit better.

You can also watch the episode online:
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Also Sunday October 14th: for those who missed Petzi on Kika, there is a chance to see the first 3 episodes again on german boradcaster “ZDF”: at 6:40