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The KLIK-Festival in Amsterdam shows one episode of our mini series “Trude’s Flatmate” today 5:30 p.m. If you can’t make it on such a short notice you’ll have another chance to watch it there on Saturday, November 8th at 6 p.m. The episode features a big, yellow shovel excavator! Don’t miss it!

It’s a Soi Christmas on German TV this year!

On Sunday as part of the children’s show Siebenstein our very first shortfilm “Torvald und der Tannenbaum” will be shown at 10:35 am on KiKa in HD.

In the morning of the 24th the ZDF will show our half-hour-special “Der Güffelo” at 10:10 am
followed at 10:40 by “Das Grüffelokind” which airs for the first time on German television.

Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!

A long overdue update on STUDIO AKA’s beautiful “A Morning Stroll”.

This is Sue Goffe and Grant Orchard. They hold a BAFTA! They won it a week ago for their beautiful  “A Morning Stroll”.  We send our very belated, hearty Congratulations to these two and all their colleagues  at studio aka. Well done, well deserved! Everyone here at studio soi has their fingers crossed for coming sunday!

For more, do watch them looking dapper at the BAFTAS here and follow their BBC Oscar-diary here. Also, there’s an interesting interview with Grant over at Cartoon Brew.

Cartoon d’Or 2011

The “Little Boy and the Beast”, directed by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschötter, has been awarded as Best European Animated Short in Sopot, Poland on September 15th. We feel very honored. Many, many thanks to the jury! To be in a group with Verena Fels’ “Mobile”, Damian Nenow’s “Paths of Hate”, André Bergs’ “Pivot”, David O’Reilly’s “The External World” and finally Jakob Schuh’s and Max Lang’s film “The Gruffalo” is really special.

Goldener Spatz

“Princess Painting” and the “Gruffalo” were very well received at the “Goldener Spatz” German Children’s Film and Media Festival in Erfurt and Gera. At the closing ceremony last Friday this lead to a special “award for innovation” for Studio Soi. Klaus Morschheuser and Jakob Schuh proudly accepted the award and felt very honored by the jury’s words:

FMX & ITFS: Soi and “Princess’ Painting” say: Thank You!

FMX and ITFS have ended, and we had a blast meeting all you wonderful people and watching some fantastic programmes with you.

Thanks for having us and thanks to all the friendly visitors who managed to drop by the studio and say hello.

The „Princess’ Painting“ received a special mention by the children’s jury. We feel honored and are happy that the film could be screened various times throughout the festival.

See you all again next year!