Soi and friends at ITFS + fmx

April 27th, 2010

Next up: ITFS and fmx. Here’s a sum-up of Soi related activities you can partake in should you be in Stuttgart next week:

Both “The Little Boy and the Beast” and “The Gruffalo” will be on show at the ITFS as part of the TRICKS FOR KIDS competition, on Sunday, May 9th (more here). “The Little Boy and the Beast” will be screened a second time as part of the “BW Reel” on Friday, May 7th (more here). One of the film’s directors, Johannes Weiland, will be giving a talk about his work at Soi and elsewhere on Wednesday, May 5th (more here) at fmx. Also at fmx, on Tuesday, May 4th, directors Jakob Schuh and Max Lang, Setbuilding Supervisor Klaus Morschheuser and Head of CGI Mathias Schreck will grant an in-depth look into the making of “The Gruffalo” (more here). Soi co-founder and longtime compatriot Saschka Unseld will be giving an account of his life at Pixar, on Friday, May 7th (more here) and our friend and collaborator Harald Siepermann will share some of his secrets in a workshop on Character Design on Sunday, May 9th (more here). Also, Philip Hunt’s wonderful “Lost and Found”, produced at our longtime partners and UK reps studio aka will be on show Saturday, May 8th (more here).