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David Tennant did a podcast with James Corden. When asked if his children liked that he did voice acting on Trolls, James replied: “They love that I’m in Trolls, they like that I’m Peter Rabbit. Nothing has ever. ..nothing has ever stumped the Gruffalo, I don’t think. ‘Cause that’s… just, you know… a very … yeah: That’s lovely. And I think my youngest daughter is about to discover that quite soon.” It’s so nice that those two films still have a place in his heart and we loved hearing him mentioning it. The way he talks about it is worth listening to rather than reading it.
The quoted part starts around 00:08:52 here: david-tennant-does-a-podcast-with/everyone
The rest of the podcast is great as well and features a lot of David Tennant’s guests.


On July, 22 there was a double feature screening of the Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child in Spilamberto, Italy. Ludwigsburg’s media representative Tannino Bellanca kindly sent us photos of the event. And here’s an Italian summary from the catalogue:

Creatura ibrida, metà orso e metà bufalo, il Gruffalò è il protagonista di un celeberrimo libro. Grazie al talento dello Studio Soi, la storia dell’incontro di questo strano essere mostruoso con uno scaltro topolino, sono diventati due divertenti e pluripremiati film d’animazione.

Gruffalo and Beast at Prix Jeunesse


Last week, our short film ‘The Gruffalo’ by Jakob Schuh and Max Lang has been choosen as the best children’s fiction programme of the last 50 years at this year’s Prix Jeunesse in Munich. ‘The Little Boy And The Beast’ by Johannes Weiland and Uwe Heidschötter has been one of the finalists of this section as well.

Congratulations to the teams!

It’s a Soi Christmas on German TV this year!

On Sunday as part of the children’s show Siebenstein our very first shortfilm “Torvald und der Tannenbaum” will be shown at 10:35 am on KiKa in HD.

In the morning of the 24th the ZDF will show our half-hour-special “Der Güffelo” at 10:10 am
followed at 10:40 by “Das Grüffelokind” which airs for the first time on German television.

Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone!